David has built up a solid reputation as a leading professional in the years that he has been working in Marbella, so he is usually the photographer of choice with people looking for professional photography in the Costa del Sol area. His professionalism and experience, together with his natural talent are what makes David so popular, while his organised but easygoing manner make him very pleasant to work with.

Having learnt his trade the old-fashioned way, through lots of hard work, hours spent in the dark room and as apprentice to some of the world’s most renowned photographers, David can draw on a profound technical knowledge and artistic skill – which is reflected in his eye for composition, lighting and detail. His enthusiasm for his work and communicative skill bring a personable element to the mix as well.


David is regularly called upon to cover the most glamorous and important events in Marbella, including concerts, fashion shows, charity galas, film festivals, major cultural events, company and product launches, and high society cocktail functions attended by international celebrities and personalities. He has also been hired as the private photographer at high profile weddings and parties both in Marbella and abroad.

Fashion shoots & Studio work

Fashion photography forms an important part of David’s work, both for clothing brands and magazines. His experience and expertise in lighting enable him to produce results even under trying conditions, such as during shoots on beaches or other outdoor areas subject to the elements. Used to pressure and tight deadlines, he conveys a sense of confident calm and patience that helps models and stylists feel at ease.

One of his greatest fields of expertise, however, is studio photography, a specialisation which he developed under the tutelage of such leading photographers as … and …. His apprenticeship to such masters and his many years of experience now put him in the position of master of his trade, a skill he applies especially to commercial and advertising photography for clients both local and international.


Out of the studio environment it is his instinctive sense of timing that enables him to produce the wow factor time and again. This natural ability comes to the fore whether he is shooting a wedding, a fashion feature, photographing an event or interviewee on behalf of one of many magazines that regularly commission him, or being flown to different to different parts of the world by clients. Of all, this is the hardest photographic skill to learn.